10th anniversary of Healing on the Danforth

November 1st marks the 10th anniversary of the clinic at this address.  I offer a big thankyou for the therapists here at the clinic who have worked hard with their professional development and supported my efforts to make this truly a holistic centre for health and wellbeing.  You have been a pleasure to work with:  Katherine, Paul, Norman and, the latest addition to our team, personal trainer Heather. Thank you also for laughing at my hilarious jokes.  All aspiring comedians need an audience! 

The biggest thankyou is to the many clients of Healing on the Danforth who have supported the clinic and allowed us to flourish. I hope that we have provided all that you want. 

I have attempted over the years to evolve and move forward.  The latest example of this is by offering personal training in our new fitness studio here at the clinic either one on one or in small classes. An important component of wellness is personal fitness.  We are also offering Tai Chi and Yoga.  In the early days, the times of classes will need fine-tuning.  Let me know what works  best for you and we will try to accommodate you.

Come and have a look at the new space and meet Heather.