June 2017

One Year to Live

This is the title of a book by Stephen Levine and I think it should be required reading for anyone over 30. What would you do if you had one year left to live? 


One immediately thinks of someone who contracts some terminal illness. We might also reflect on what seems like an increasing number of incidents, such as the recent bombing in Manchester, the two attacks in London, the fire at an apartment building, the wildfires in Portugal and any number of world disasters.


Stress Management.....revisited

I want to revisit the subject of stress management from time to time. Let’s consider some of the possible stressors that visit us - often on a regular basis. The job and one’s need to make a living probably tops the list - followed by the stresses of family life with all its attendant problems. Concurrent with this, one has to include money and finances. It’s often a challenge worth of a tightrope walker to balance the three and keep one’s sanity. Time management and prioritizing is essential so that one can devote attention to each of these components.