Beware the Ides of March !

Beware the Ides of March - maybe even the Ides of February. The weather has turned unseasonably warm with double digit temperatures. Yesterday, on Sunday afternoon, I saw people out wearing shorts and tea-shirts. Beware! It is still winter. You may be ready psychically for Spring but the spring equinox is still several weeks away at March 20th. I have blogged about this previously but feel that it's still important to spread the word. Don't let your defenses down; dress warmly because you will be ‘punched’ hard again by winter when you are least expecting it.


We all know that colds and the flu are viruses that you probably catch by being possibly unsuspectingly in the company of those who have the virus. That is true. However, we can take a lesson from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continue to build up what is called our Defensive Qi. (Yes, Qi is an acceptable Scrabble word.)  Wearing the right clothing is part of that even if you are relieved that we have moved up from double-digit minus degree temperatures.


I’m hoping that I am not going to jinx my own good health by saying this; so far, I have avoided getting colds and the flu this season. I tend to see clients all the time who are experiencing various stages of infection. What do I do to keep relatively germ-free. Exercise is important so I try to make regular visits to the gym to keep the body in motion. I try to get enough sleep. I watch my diet, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid processed food. I wash my hand regularly. Hopefully, you also are doing that. An added benefit for me is that I don’t have a high-stress job and don’t have the added strains of bringing up a young family.


I could be doing more. I came back recently from Japan where one regularly sees people walking around with face masks, perhaps because they wish to avoid getting sick or avoid transmitting infection. I don't think I will add that to my repertoire of preventative measures because you probably don't want to to get massage or shiatsu therapy from Darth Vader. I could wear disposable surgical gloves but philosophically I don’t want to create another barrier to a health discipline that, at its core, is about safe touch - skin on skin.


I would like to say that there is a magic bullet that keeps me relatively healthy. There’s no such thing. However, in times when I have felt the first symptom of what might be a cold, I have reached immediately for my Oil of Oregano oil. If I get that tickle in the throat in the middle of the night, I won't even wait till morning before taking this. I even take precautionary measures if I am around people who are sick. Last week I was on a flight from Dallas to Toronto and, as luck would have it, I was surrounded by sniffling, sneezing and coughing fellow passengers. Reach for the Oil of Oregano and, so far, this has worked for me.