Bioelectronics Joint venture between GlaxoSmithCline and Google

As many of you may know, I have just returned from a trip to the UK. During my visit I happened to read an article about a joint venture between GlaxoSmithCline, Britain's largest pharmaceutical company, and Google. 

The created company, Galvani Bioelectronics, will create devices that can be implanted in the body and modify nerve signals. Potential areas of treatment will be for treating chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma and diabetes. 

Embedded devices are already in use in the human body for heart pacemakers and in the brain for the treatment of Parkinson’s. This makes an interesting departure for a pharmaceutical company, instead of their main focus usually in the production of chemicals and white pills. It almost sounds healthy and not too dissimilar from the use of therapies, such as shiatsu therapy, proving helpful in treating many chronic conditions. After-all, these therapies are about electrical energy. It seems like a step in the right direction.