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Feldenkrais: No Pain - Maximum gain

This is the second of a series of articles on Feldenkrais by Harold Tausch

No Pain - Maximum Gain

People are often surprised by the big changes they notice after a few gentle movements in a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class or a few gentle manipulations in a hands-on Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson. We live in a culture that still believes to a considerable extent in the "No Pain - No Gain" theory. It is believed that we can only improve by pushing ourselves to our limits and beyond.  This is not true.

The promises of Spring

I love the Springtime because it bears with it the promise of the end of winter-like weather, even if we get hit from time to time by a sudden cold snap.  The days become longer and this provides the necessary lift to our spirit.  We are ready both physically and mentally to take on exciting new projects.  This is definitely the time of year to make positive changes in our life.

Get real and the need for grounding, Mr. Bieber

We talk of someone who seems to be all over the place and who is unfocused as being ungrounded.  They perhaps possess a quality that we might describe as being manic.  One moment they are charming, bright and intelligent. The next moment they are angry and prone to venting.  This may also manifest as laughing and full of joy one moment and tears and sadness the next.   We may wonder where this change of personalty came from so suddenly.

Spring Cleaning the Body

We traditionally make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year. Then, by February or March, many of us have fallen by the wayside. The many ways that we had planned to improve ourselves, whatever that means for each of us, is but a faded memory.  Springtime is really the time for renewal and we can take this lesson from nature. After all, that is when we do most of our planting.  With the slight improvement in the weather, we have a better opportunity for new growth.

The efficacy of shiatsu therapy

I found the full extract from the British Medical Journal for those that are interested.

Reported in the Globe and Mail, by Paul Taylor February 2006:

“Acupressure v. physio: Acupressure is far more effective at treating low back pain than conventional physiotherapy, according to researchers at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

The simple way to get in shape

You don't need a whole host of sophisticated equipment to stay in shape.  With very little expense you can achieve your fitness goals.  This is the philosopy of Heather, our personal trainer at Healing on the Danforth.

I came across this short video which describes perfectly the personal training sessions here.  You can come  for one on one sessions or attend small classes. 


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