Changing my diet for the New Year

Following the Christmas holiday season and all its accompanying excesses, I start to think of what I might do to put myself back on a path of moderation towards better health.  Besides proper exercise, the right diet is always important.  The trouble is that there is so much conflicting information out in the marketplace.  Who should one believe?  I personally don’t want to be taken in by “information” that might be the latest fad supporting the production, marketing and sale of the next bestseller.

Today, my attention was taken by the most recent Dr. Mercola newsletter in which he talks about the harmful effects of ractopamine.    I had never heard of this substance previously. Apparently it is an additive that finds its way into meat, especially beef.  It increases protein synthesis resulting in reduced fat content and increased profit per animal.  Perhaps we would not be influenced by such information if it were not that we are already alarmed by the harmful affects of genetically modified feed.  The needs of big business obviously usurp my desire and search for better health.   If I only heard about ractopamine today, what other substances are causing us harm?  

Predictably the FDA deny the harmful effects of ractopamine.  I  don’t think that they have my interests at heart.  This substance would not be banned in 160 countries worldwide including Taiwan, mainline China and Russia, if there was not some truth to its toxicity.   Unfortunately, it is allowed in both the United States and Canada.

In animals, the use of ractopamine is linked to changes in reproductive function, increased mastitis and increased death. It damages the cardiovascular system in humans and may cause hyperactivity, chromosomal abnormalities and behavioral changes.   In summary, this is contributing to the degeneration of my health.
This news encourages me with even greater purpose to choose where possible consumption of only organically raised meats and their accompanying animal byproducts.  Perhaps, I may even be persuaded to move to a vegan diet.

Wishing you all good health in the year ahead.