Here are just a few thoughts on coffee - such an important start of the day for so many. I buy unroasted organic green coffee beans when I am down in Mexico. On a baking tray, I spread out enough beans in a single layer to last about three days. Then I place them in an oven at 450 degrees F for fifteen minutes. The result is coffee even richer in antioxidant properties than an orange. Freshly roasted coffee also lacks the bitterness common in the store-bought variety. Is coffee good for us? There are usually two different answers so I will briefly state them in point form.


Coffee can aid in athletic performance

It helps clear the bowels.

It can boost the metabolic rate and help with weight loss.

there is some research that suggested that coffee can lower the risk of the onset of Parkinson’s, can reduce the chances of Type ll Diabetes, help protect against certain cancers, has a protective effect on the liver and can help fight depression.

It aids mental performance and makes mental thought more linear. Great for writers. Interestingly enough, tobacco has the same effect.

It contains beneficial nutrients and micronutrients.

It can help with time zone changes for people who fly a lot.


Coffee is a stimulant and in excess can contribute to adrenal stress.

It is highly addictive. 

Coffee can be toxic because it is grown in countries that permit the use of dangerous pesticides. Eliminate that by drinking only organic coffee.

Coffee has a diuretic effect and can irritate the intestinal tract.

Coffee can be more difficult for women with menstrual problems or who are pre- or post-menstrual. The reason is that the adrenal glands are a back up system for the ovaries.

Coffee has a drying effect which can result in an overheating of the body. It can slow the healing process, which is a Yin function (moistening) 

It can have a drying effect on connective tissue and, therefore, reduce flexibility.

Excessive use of coffee can have an adverse effect on sexual performance.

Coffee can adversely affect the immune system. 

Guiding principle:

I always say to clients that it would be the wrong attitude to grit your teeth and say that you were going to eliminate something from your life because it is bad. As you can see from the above, coffee has its good points and not so good. If you decide that you want to eliminate it, lifestyle changes should come easily and willingly. Being an unwilling participant is not the best modus operandi.  Meanwhile, my guiding principle is: Moderation in all things