Confessions of an addict

In a couple of weeks it will be two months since my return from walking the Camino and, so far I have managed to keep off the 15 pounds that I lost on this 800 kilometer journey through Spain. It can easily be explained by the exercise of walking. So often, people lose weight by following a specific diet or exercise routine but then gain it back very soon after stopping. Well, mine was a diet of exercise: walking between 25 and 35 kilometers a day for 5 weeks. Along the way, I still enjoyed the bread and copious amounts of good wines from the Rioja district and elsewhere. Indulging in that, I could get away with it because the activity was so extreme.

Obviously, with  my work load and other responsibilities back in Toronto, I am unable to follow the same regime of exercise. I still go to the gym two or three times each week and try to mix up my workout routine to avoid plateaus. I am also trying to eat small amounts throughout the day rather than having one big meal at the end. For the purpose of keeping this blog relatively short, I am not going to get into discussion here on the nutritional values of food, digestive processes, food combinations, blood types, the latest dietary best seller or anything else.  

My biggest change has been one of attitude. Heather, my personal trainer, had often told me that it would be alright to eat one or two chocolates. Actually, that doesn’t work for me because, truth be known, I don’t know how to leave the rest of the box uneaten. The same with bread. Since my return from Europe, I have not stocked any of these things in the house. I realise now that bread was my biggest addiction. That would be fine if I could limit it to one slice, but again that is not my reality. So, if I don’t have these things in the house, I won’t be tempted. So far, so good and I think I am past the bread and chocolate withdrawal phase.

I’ll let you know how it goes.