A cooperative business model

In my clinical practice increasingly I see people who are highly stressed.  On the roads here in Toronto, I see many aggressive and angry drivers.   I don't think that the latter is in reaction to something that I have done although, I will not deny that perhaps sometimes my thoughts when on the road are elsewhere.  It is very difficult to remain in the present moment when one is worried about the future.  Why the anger?  I think it is because people are feeling out of control without a real say in the direction of their lives.

What happened to the 40-hour work week that was supposed to dwindle to a 25-hour one?  The challenges for H.R. departments 35 years ago were supposed to be how to successfully guide employees to handle their increased leisure time.  Now, people are working sometimes 70 and 80 hour weeks to make ends meet.  Downsizing and outsourcing to other countries has resulted in increased pressure for all those in the corporate world to perform to the acceptable standard.  The bar has been set unreasonably high so that workaholism is the norm rather than the exception.  No wonder that there is an increase in stress related illnesses.  

It is perhaps time to look at a different business model where there is cooperation rather than competition.This would be about building relationships rather than pitting one person against another. I would like to think that we can build neighbourhood in a spirit of cohesiveness.

Meanwhile, without this dream it now especially important to look after ones health.  I am so grateful that I get to help heal people of their stresses and work with a team of practitioners who do so as well.   Massage and shiatsu therapy, as well as chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy are effective ways of dealing with the physical mental and emotional.  Our clinic mandate is to help you take charge of your health.  An important component of this is for you to follow a healthy diet and the right exercise program.  Therefore following a regime that can be followed and sustained is key. I believe that we have some great specialists at Healing on the Danforth.  The personal training from Heather, yoga classes run by both Miriam and Delia, Pilates from the other Heather and Feldenkrais from Harold are fabulous additions to the services that we offer.