Finding time for yourself

Life seems to be getting increasingly complicated and almost not enough hours in the day to get through all that we need to achieve. Some people are motivated, methodical and thrive on getting things done. For others, the more there is to do, the greater their state of paralysis. The holiday season, fast approaching brings with it attendant pressures. We end up throwing self-restraint to the wind and we often muddle along fitting in with the dictates of others.


At the beginning of January, we attempt to take back control of our lives and this is when we make our new year resolutions. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this is really not the best time for new beginnings. Spring is the time for planting.


Along with the long list of things to do can come procrastination and I would admit to being sometimes stuck in that place of chronic stagnation. When one procrastinates, it weighs us down even more.  Making a list is an important way of getting out of that and I have often ignored that at my peril  Lists are vitally important. Take a few of the most important must-do activities, give them your attention and then tick them off your list.  


However, to make it less onerous, add something to that list that nurtures you. Perhaps something recreational. Yoga and meditation might fit in well here. Take time to go for long walks in nature. It might sound counterintuitive to take time out when you have so much to do but do it anyway. Now comes the not so subtle sales pitch. Get a massage therapy or shiatsu session because you don’t have to stick to the dreary and mundane. It’s rejuvenating.


If you succumb to the temptations of excess so prevalent at this time of year, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t beat yourself up but enjoy the celebration of the season.