Getting rid of that pesky cold

Sometimes despite taking all  preventable measures to get sick  (Vitamin C, Echinacea, Oil of Oregano, immune boosting tonics, frequent hand-washing, exercise, getting lots of rest, keeping at peak emotional high,)  we still get sick. Unless we chose to live our lives in isolation from the rest of the population in hermetically sealed caves, it is still hard to avoid. Here’s what I do to get better sooner.

Once I get into the grip of a cold, my own personal experience is that taking Vitamin C and other remedies does little to move me over the symptoms. You may find differently so let your own body be the guide in this instance.

The following is written in no particular sequence.

Get lots of rest and take early nights.

Take regular exercise. If you don't feel up to visits to the gym, then take regular brisk walks. Remember, the lungs are an organ of excretion so some sort of exercise will help help expel the pathogen.

Dry brushing will help slough off dead skin cells and therefore makes the body more efficient. The skin is also an organ of excretion. (see previous blog or call me)

Try inhalations of eucalyptus oil in a sink full of hot water and a towel over your head. Eucalyptus is a natural disinfectant. Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, was using eucalyptus to sanitize wards during the Crimean War at a time when doctors were not even washing their hands before surgery.

Drink lots of water and hot herbal teas.

Finally, here is a repetition of one of my previous blogs containing a recipe that i have found particularly successful.  Thanks to Harald Dienes, my teacher of TCM twenty years ago:

Prepare this last thing at night before going to bed.  Drink while hot, put on a lot of bed clothes, go to bed and sweat it out.
Ginger root (fresh) a good one inch or more, peeled and chopped fine ; a spring onion chopped fine, a tablespoon of brown sugar and water (1.5 cups) Boil this and reduce the amount of liquid to approximately 1 cup.