Just after the Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, I am feeling very grateful for all the positive things that I have in my life. I have my family, my health and I have a vocation that I truly love. I have been practising as a shiatsu and massage therapist now for more than 21 years. Above all, I have a loyal clientele that have supported me in my journey so that I could make a livelihood. I offer you all a very big thank you. I will try to keep you in good health and will share with you any new learnings that may be relevant.

The origins of Thanksgiving has been for the purpose of giving thanks for the blessing of a good harvest. It’s the fuel that we put into our bodies. I would give second round of thanks for those organic farmers who are growing fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides, and genetically modified seed. From a production standpoint, it might sound like an attractive proposition to increase yield by playing with nature but it is poisoning us. It is the same thing with the use of hormones in livestock. The less chemical we ingest, the healthier we will be. To avoid disease and ill health, it makes sense to keep our source of food as unadulterated and as pure as possible. In addition to coming to Healing on the Danforth for regular treatments  with Paul and myself you can help yourself stay healthy by watching the foods that you eat.

Again a big thank you to you all.