Me and high blood pressure

I recently discovered that my blood pressure was elevated to 150 (systolic) over 85 (diastolic).  This is given the ominous definition of Stage 1 Hypertension.  My previous readings for all of my adult life were a classic 120 over 80.  What was happening with me?  I felt that I was doing the right things in life, was feeling fit and full of energy, was exercising regularly and had a good diet with not much animal fat.  I didn’t feel that I was stressed.  This should not be happening, especially since I had just come back from 16 days in Mexico.  For the first couple of day I went into a funk.  I did not want to be on medications of any sort with all their possible side-effects. This was my own personal choice.  I have consulted with my MD, and for now he accepts that I will try to treat this without recourse to allopathic medicine.   Once on medication it is often difficult to come off safely and I felt that this might be the beginning of a downward slippery slope to ill-health.  

I feel that my inner resources are now scrambled and I am effectively on the road to normalcy.  My first call was to our chiropractor, Dr. Norman Allan.  He has a considerable wealth of knowledge beyond chiropractic.  He advised me that the use of hawthorn berries is very effective.  This is confirmed in my reading.  It is rich in
Vitamin C which, according to Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Balch) is very important.  I am also taking a calcium and magnesium supplement as well as Coenzyme Q10.  There are other things I can be taking.  However, there is a limit to my financial resources and I feel that these supplements are what I need at this time.  I have also seen Paul, our acupuncturist who I find both attentive and diligent.  Meanwhile, Heather our personal trainer has modified my fitness workout routine to incorporate more cardio vascular activity.

I am paying extra careful attention to my diet, am eliminating any red meat and avoiding foods that have high salt.  I am trying to incorporate more green leafy vegetables for their mineral content.  I am also making a point of drinking considerably more water.  I have found that drinking teas made with the hawthorn berries has helped to increase that water intake.  For now I have eliminated coffee.  I have also decided that I want to lose another 10 lbs.  I am going to bed early and am spending more time in meditation.  I am taking my blood pressure regularly to see that the numbers are moving in the right direction.  So far they are, and I am prepared to modify my plan to include other things that may be helpful.

What I notice in my research reading is that there is a fair amount of conflicting information out there.  So, to a large extent, I am following my gut instinct.  However, researching ones illness and learning as much as on can is very important.  

Meanwhile I realise that faced with any new illness, one can just submit to the diagnosis, start taking the prescription meds or one can fight.  I have chosen to fight.