New Years Resolutions ??

 'With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone’ -Oscar Wilde. I love this quote although, this time, I feel I’m that person who hasn’t learnt. I’m just feeling sluggish after overly consuming foods that I try to avoid the rest of the year. The culprits this year have been the cheeses and the sweet stuff. I call them the ‘inflammatory’ diet because that’s what they do - I can feel that in the limbs, nerves, lymphatic system and arteries. They are the foods that are acid forming, so beware. Diseases in the body grow in an acidic environment. This is well described in one of my favourite books: Anticancer- a new way of life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. Although doctors do not usually study much nutrition as part of their medical training, to me it makes sense that the quality and quantity of the fuel we put into our bodies is key to our health.


In the past, I have written about avoiding the New Year Resolution because it’s the wrong time of year for planting anything: plants or ideas. I have said that the dead of winter is a time for comfort foods and hibernation: that one does one’s planting in the spring when there is greater chance that a seed will germinate and flourish. Despite that thought, I’ll give up immediately those foods that are poisoning me.


Happy New Year to you all.