No more back pain! 100% recovery

From the many personal messages I received wishing me a speedy recovery, I realised that I may have portrayed myself possibly as an out-of-service or ailing massage therapist. That is not the reality. For starters, I wrote the content of that blog several weeks ago and posted only recently.

I enjoy good health and, on the rare occasions that I experience any discomfort, try to acknowledge that pain can be my teacher. I therefore get excited when I learn a lesson that is visceral and goes beyond what’s described in anatomy or pathology text books. This is important information that I can pass on to you. Pain can numb the ability to think clearly, analyse the problem and take the requisite action, even for health professionals like myself. I would admit to feeling numb for the first couple of days and just wishing to tough it out. That is seldom the answer.

If there’s a message that I would like to pass on to you, it is the following: you don't need to suffer through pain until it eventually subsides. Be proactive: there is a course of action that you can take that will have you feeling better sooner rather than later. If one thing doesn't work, then try something else. There is an answer out there to your specific infirmity or health issue. Never accept that a condition is something you just have to learn to live with. Avoid moving to that place of ‘learned helplessness.’ More on that at another time.

Meanwhile, thank you all for your well-wishes.