Expel that cold with this remedy

Optimistically we are through the worst of winter.  In Toronto, the sidewalks are largely bare of snow after last week's major storm and some of us may be psychically gearing up for Spring.  Beware! It's not over.  Be overdressed rather than under. Remember mother's advice.  Well, she was right. You pick up colds and flu from a virus.  However, you are more susceptible to picking these up if your body's natural resources are being spent defensively in other areas.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we talk about Wei Qi (Defensive Qi)  The function of this is to protect the body and it regulates the body by open or closing the pores of the skin.  People who catch colds easily often have Wei Qi deficiency.

When I was learning shiatsu therapy, my teacher of TCM gave us this remedy to help expel the cold pathogen sooner rather than later: Prepare this last thing at night before going to bed.  Drink while hot, put on a lot of bed clothes, go to bed and sweat it out.

Ginger root (fresh) a good one inch or more, peeled and chopped fine ; a spring onion chopped fine, a tablespoon of brown sugar and water (1.5 cups) Boil this and reduce the amount of liquid to approximately 1 cup.