The promises of Spring

I love the Springtime because it bears with it the promise of the end of winter-like weather, even if we get hit from time to time by a sudden cold snap.  The days become longer and this provides the necessary lift to our spirit.  We are ready both physically and mentally to take on exciting new projects.  This is definitely the time of year to make positive changes in our life.

There is a caveat to this new feeling of great optimism.  It is important not to overdo it, otherwise it will be a case of two steps forward and one step back. What do you do with a car that has been in the garage all winter?  Do you put it through its paces without the necessary preparation and tuneup?  With slight improvement in the weather, do you immediately go out and run a marathon?  If you act like the weekend warrior you may suffer the consequences of such undue exertion.  Ease gradually into Spring-like activities and come to Healing on the Danforth for your treatment of choice.  It’s like the oil change so necessary to keep your car running smoothly and in tip top condition.

To help you get ready for the call of spring and to both strengthen and lengthen the musculature, I would recommend some personal training sessions with Heather.  She is offering one-on-one sessions as well as small fitness classes for women on Mondays. Specifically, she is teaching how to tone all the muscles of the body using your own body weight, a stability ball and free weights. She is also offering an older adult class on Saturday mornings.

If yoga is your choice there is a class on Friday morning with Miriam.  She is gradually building a core group of yoga aficionados for this class.  Information on our website should be up soon.  

Other great news is that, joining Healing on the Danforth in September, we will be offering Feldenkrais at our clinic. The instructor is my very dear friend, Harold Tausch who has a wealth of experience in this discipline.  There will be more information posted soon on this blog.