Ongoing confessions of an addict

After my 800 kilometer Camino walk through Spain this past May, I reported having lost 15 pounds. It’s possibly not a majorly difficult achievement to lose weight walking between 25 and 35 kilometres each day. My biggest fear is how I would progress once I returned to a less rigorous exercise routine. 

With a busy work schedule, I have not made as many visits to the gym as I would like. That’s confession number one. I had managed to stay away from bread and chocolate moderately successfully until the arrival of this past holiday season. It’s one thing to not stock these items in the house as a way of avoiding temptation but, when visiting with friends in their home, the appeal of sampling bread, chocolate, cheese, wine and my special recipe for Christmas cake made with two bottles of brandy have beckoned me and I admit I have weakened. Very quickly have I gained an additional five pounds although I am still down from my pre-camino weight.

Confession time is over and like someone who in meditation practice finds himself temporarily distracted, I will, with gentleness and compassion, return to my path of healthy eating and regular exercise.

I’ll let you know how it goes.