Seasons greetings

Wishing you the very best for the holiday season from us all at Healing on the Danforth: Paul Marchinko, our acupuncturist and TCM practitioner; Maria Vigna, with her practice of Reiki and BodyTalk; and me!

Don't forget to make full use of any unused massage treatments within your treatment plan. To accommodate your schedule, until the end of the year I will be available for treatments every day of the week except Mondays.  

For that last-minute gift idea, consider gift certificates for all our services.
In addition, I stock a number of products that I both like and use in my personal life. These include:

  •  Therapeutica sleeping pillows,
  •  Back Vitalizer - an inflatable pillow that helps strengthen the core muscles.
  • Tromos - a massage cream that is like a topical Rescue Remedy.
  • Traumeel - a homeopathic cream no longer available in Canada which I import from Germany. 
  •  Dr. Cohen’s heatable Acuback, Acuball and the Acuball Mini to keep you physically 'kneaded' between treatments.
  • Joy of the Mountain brand Oil of Oregano, which I find invaluable for keeping myself generally free from colds and other respiratory infections.

I am pleased to announce that the print edition of my book, My Camino Walk - a Way to Healing (published by IslandCatEditions), is available either here at the clinic or through

You can book online for your massage or shiatsu therapy session and have instant confirmation of your appointment. Go to , click at the upper left-hand corner under “Request an appointment” and a blue button will appear. Follow the instructions on that and voila……If you have any difficulty, either text me, phone or email me. If you don’t get me in person, leave a message and I will get back to you straight away.

Best regards to you all.


PS. If you have used up all the benefits under your health plan, why not try a session for either Reiki or BodyTalk with Maria Vigna? She is at the clinic on Sunday afternoons and all day Monday. She brings a spirit of calm to us all.