Spring into Spring

I’ve mentioned many times in previous blogs that Spring is the time when we do our planting. If you didn’t follow through on New Year resolutions to attend to your wellness program this winter - especially this last intensely cold one, then you can be forgiven. Winter is a time for hibernation. Now that the snow is rapidly disappearing, it’s time to correct that imbalance and gain strength and flexibility so that you can enjoy the coming spring, summer and its accompanying outdoor activities.

 At my old clinic I had been blessed to know two very special people both of whom are now an integral part of my own passport to wellness.

Heather Speer is a personal trainer who has experience working with people of all ages and capabilities. She runs group classes and sees clients in one-on-one sessions. She is a brilliant coach, motivating, very encouraging and is a delightful human being. So many times there is a separation between what we do at a fitness facility and our own personal life. With Heather’s guidance, I have found times around the house when I can make domestic chores into a workout to supplement what I do with her. When I am climbing the stairs of my old house for the umpteenth time, in my head I hear her words of encouragement: “Stomach In, Shoulders Back, Head Up.” While waiting for a pot to boil, I will often do pushups against the kitchen counter. You should see what I can do with a vacuum cleaner!  She can be reached for a phone consultation or to book an appointment at 416 274 9748. You can also visit her website at http://www.myriadfitness.com/index.html

Miriam Patterson is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and community facilitator who has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. Her first teacher training was with the Sivananda Ashram, and she has received a second two-year yoga therapy training with Yoga Therapy Toronto. She is now a certified yoga therapist. Miriam is quite passionate about helping people discover the role they play in their own well-being. She has worked intensely with people who are going through health issues, especially around cancer and cancer treatment. Miriam has also received training in meditation, pre and post-natal yoga, yoga for PTSD and other anxiety disorders, and has begun training to be a certified doula.

Miriam’s classes are impacted by the traditional approach to Hatha yoga and are infused with much tenderness—recognizing that ‘gentle’ does not mean that the yoga does not go deep. In fact, her guided practice guides students into deeper and deeper relationship with their breath, mind and body.
Initially I thought that she would make little gain of flexibility in my impossibly taut hamstrings and hips. To my surprise and delight, we are making progress. She sees it and I feel it. She is teaching a gentle Hatha yoga class on Wednesdays at Dream Yoga Dance - 371 Danforth Avenue - lower level and on Fridays at The S.P.A.C.E. at 1324 Danforth Avenue. Classes are from 9.15 to 10.30 a.m. Contact Miriam for further information at 416 312 0223

From the efforts of both Heather and Miriam, I think I will be ready for my second Camino at the end of April, when I will walk 800 kilometers across the top of Spain. Thank you to you both. You have helped make this possible.